Hand sanitizer spray frequently asked questions.
What’s the difference between a gel rub in, pump and continuous spray?

Hand sanitizer gel and pump spray products are designed to apply small amounts of sanitizer to oneself.  The continuous spray hand sanitizer is a tool that can spray larger volumes of product much quicker. The continuous spray hand sanitizer can be sprayed on to other peoples skin much easier with far greater coverage rates with no human contact which is more efficient than applying small amounts of gel or small pump spray products where human contact is typical. 

What propellant does the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray use?

The Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray uses Nitrogen and compressed air as the propellant in the can to dispense the product. Nitrogen makes up approximately 80% of the air we breathe. 

What percent alcohol does the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray contain?


Does the Breath Hand Sanitizer have 3rd party testing reports available for the public to see?

Yes, click on our Testing Tab for 3rd party testing reports for studies done in accordance with ASTM E2315.  These results have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray manufactured in a FDA pharmaceutical compliant facility?

Yes the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray is manufactured at a facility that is compliant with CFR 210/211 as an OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. 

Is the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray flammable?

Yes, even though the propellant is nitrogen and compressed air which is non-flammable the main component of hand sanitizers is alcohol, which is extremely flammable. Please see the back of the can or the Product Data Sheet for directions. Never spray this product near extreme heat, sparks, fire or any ignition sources. 

Is the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray child-safe?

Children should not have access to spray this product or any other aerosol for that matter without adult supervision.  Although the product utilizes nitrogen and compressed air as it’s propellant, which is not an inhalation concern, it is atomizing and spraying alcohol. Alcohol should not be breathed in directly by anyone. Also when spraying children always remember that a child’s skin may be more sensitive than an adults and alcohol is known to dry out people’s skin. The alcohol could cause an irritation on some people’s or cholera skin. If you are unsure, before using on a child check with your doctor. 

Can I use this product in confined areas with very poor ventilation?

No, like any aerosol product from spray paint to sun screen, all continuous spray aerosols must be used in well ventilated areas at all times. 

Where can I find a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) on the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray?

The SDS can be found here on the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray.

Are there any safety measures on the product that make the product it child resistant?

Yes, the spray tip or actuator is a twist locking cap. However, all aerosol products should be stored well away and out of reach of children at all times. 

Is the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray pet safe?

The Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray is designed for skin surfaces on humans. The product has not be tested on animals for safety. We do not recommend using the product on animals. 

Is the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray hypoallergenic?

We do not claim that the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray is hypoallergenic and it has not been tested for this. 

Is it ok to spray the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray on my face?

No, this is not recommended. Do not spray on face, eyes, ears and not in or close to ones mouth or any other orifices that come into contact with mucus members.

Can I spray other surfaces with the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray?

The Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray is a product designed to sanitize skin surfaces.  This product does not claim to be nor is intended to be a disinfectant for surfaces under the jurisdiction of the EPA. 

If I decide to spray this product on other surfaces will it damage the surface?

This product is safe on many surfaces although it is not designed for hard surfaces. It may stain some fabrics and it may damage wood finishes and plastics.

Where can I purchase Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray?

You can purchase directly from this website and you can find Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray at these fine retailers:
Home Depot
Shop Rite
Save Mart
Dollar General

We are interested in becoming a distributor for the Breathe Hand Sanitizer Spray, who can we contact?

For Distribution requests please send an email describing your company and the opportunity here.

Does the Breathe Hand Sanitizer line kill or inactivate the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19)?

The CDC recommends soap and water as the best defense against COVID-19 and that in the absence of soap and water, hand sanitizers that distributed in accordance with applicable FDA guidance and/or regulations may be the next best option.

Are Breathe Hand Sanitizers an approved FDA product?

Our products are produced at our registered FDA facility here in the U.S., and comply with all FDA rules and requirements to produce hand sanitizers. Our products are produced in accordance with cGMP requirements, and monitored by our attentive quality staff in accordance with our quality management systems.

Do Breathe Hand Sanitizers comply with the recent Temporary Guidance issued by the FDA in March, 2020? Does the formula meet the World Health Organization recommendations?

The Breathe Hand Sanitizer product line meets all requirements put forth by the FDA in accordance with their rules and requirements. The recently issued guidance by the FDA is a temporary guideline removing the normally rigorous standards required, allowing non-FDA facilities to produce hand sanitizers, but only under those strict requirements. The guidance does not apply to registered FDA facilities.

How should I dispose of the can once empty? Is the packaging recyclable?

Once empty, the packaging is 100% Recyclable, and are accepted by most community recycling programs.